Shambala Casino has regular Texas Holdem NL poker tournaments and cash games.
You can contact the Club Manager via messenger:

8 914 793 78 91
Free-buy: Tournament with free entry (on a limited number of levels first).
At the end of the free entry period, the buy-in will be charged the same price as the re-buy.
Deep Stack: A deep stack tournament held in Re-entry format.
Freezeout: A tournament with no buy-ins.
Triple Chance: A tournament with a limited number of add-ons and more chips for each addon.
Rebuys + Double Add-on: R & A Tournament with one or two Add-ons.
Step satellite (Stepsat): A satellite that, when won, moves the player's stack into the target tournament.
Satellite (ticket for 30K): A satellite where the player receives a ticket to the target tournament, for accumulated chips.
A player who has accumulated the required number of chips attracts the dealer's attention.
2. Chips are removed from the game.
The player continues to play, with the remaining stack.
That is: one player can win several tickets to this satellite.

Shambala Poker Club is the most significant poker club in the Far East.
The only " platform" for the major events with guaranteed prizes
From 1 500 000 rubles.

- We respect the interests of fair play.
- Club members and organizers observe poker etiquette of the world standards.
- Minimum rake / commission cash tables.
- Guarantee of payments, each guest receives the money won. No deferred obligations.
- Tournament rating for poker club members.

Monthly ranking of tournaments and cash games with cumulative jackpot and monthly payouts to leaders.

Players who won prizes in tournaments (getting into ITM) get the appropriate quantity of points in a rating system.

At the end of the month: Top 3 players receive a payout of 15.000, 10.000 and 5.000 accordingly to the places they took.

Poker is a combination of luck and skill. If you are the owner of an outstanding logic and stamina, the ability to build their own moves and predict others, we recommend you to prove yourself directly in the game at Shambala Casino!

692760, Primorsky Krai Artem, Ter. Muravyinaya Bay, 73, building 5
8 800 20 11 777
8 914 072 73 00
692760, Primorsky Krai Artem, Ter. Muravyinaya Bay, 73, building 5
8 800 20 11 777
8 914 072 73 00
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